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Well winter is upon us, but the market is heating up. With a stable government, APRA recommending banks should be lowering the assessment rate for borrowers and a drop-in interest rates last week, it is full steam ahead.

Interestingly, the banks assessment times to look at loan applications have escalated from 3-4 days up to 10 days due to the volume of applications coming in.

As you may or may not know, regardless of your interest rate, banks will assess your ability to borrow funds on a much higher rate. This is a good practice for the banks as if you can afford a 7.5% loan and it is only 4% then the banks money is safe. However, it’s not so good for the borrowers. APRA, who are the governing body for the banks has decided that the assessment rate needs to drop enabling borrowers to get a higher borrowing capacity than previously.

All this is leading to more demand, more borrowers and more buyers. Putting upward pressure on prices.

In our last email, we mentioned something special we were doing to kick start the new financial year. Well we are very excited to announce our new year promotion. We are calling it “THE BUCKET LIST PROMOTION”.

We want to give every existing and new client the opportunity to tick off one of their big goals right now and have that dream, bucket list holiday. So, any person, who signs a property contract in July and settles on the property sometime after that will receive a luxury, bucket list holiday to the value of $10,000.

This will be a holiday to anywhere in the world, at any time you like, with whoever you like, to the value of $10,000. No strings attached, no hoops to jump through, no specific properties to buy.

Any property in July gets you anywhere in the world.

We had a great response to our question last newsletter regarding your favorite destination.

Here are some of the dream holidays clients are looking for. Enjoying the magic through the eyes of your children with a trip to Disneyland, The happiest place on Earth.

Soaking up the sun in the Maldives

The beauty of the Greek Islands

Trying your luck on the tables in Las Vegas

The ultimate action safari in Africa

So how do I get the chance to tick this holiday of my bucket list?

Any person who signs a contract to buy a property in July 2019, will receive a dream vacation to the value of $10,000.

No conditions, no “going into the draw to win”, no specific dates. Any person, who signs a property contract in July 2019 and settles sometime after that, will receive a $10,000 dream vacation of your choice from Client First Investments. This can be a Self-Managed Super Fund property, a first home buyer or an investor. You can be an existing client or a new client. If you are looking to invest, looking to build on your portfolio or know someone who is looking for a property, now is the time to take advantage of such a huge free bonus.

Now…some guarantees

  1. We GUARANTEE that all our prices will remain unchanged for the promotion. So, no price rises. Prices in May and June will be the same in July.

  2. GUARANTEE that everyone who signs a contract in July and settles on the property sometime after that, will receive the $10,000 dream vacation.

  3. We GUARANTEE there are no hoops to jump through, no conditions to be met, no date restrictions and no strings attached

  4. Finally, we GUARANTEE that you will have the holiday of a lifetime 😊


If you are interested in being one of the fifteen dream holiday designers, please call us on 0400 911-170 or email me at and we can start the process of finance, getting your first or next property and planning your getaway.

This is a promotion from Sherree and I for our clients to reach one of their bucket list goals RIGHT NOW.

We look forward to giving away over $150,000 worth of holidays to you all.

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