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July is tax time and a great time for investors.

This is the time we can set ourselves up to structure our cashflow for the upcoming financial year. The way we do this is through a Tax Variation form.

A tax variation form is a form usually filled out by your accountant and it forecasts your taxable income for 2019-2010. By completing this form, it allows you to receive tax credits every pay day rather than at the end of the year.

Client First Investments investors, when buying a dual income property will see their taxable income drop by about $20,000. This means that you would receive the tax you would normally pay on a that $20,000 refunded to you each pay day

Let me give you an example

Let’s say you are on an income of $80,000. You have bought a dual income property and you are able to reduce your taxable income through property expenses and depreciation to $60,000. This is how it would look;

This is an extra $125 per week cash in your hand. That’s an extra $6,500 that you have been giving to the tax man that you have now decided to put toward a positive cashflow investment property and your financial future.

If you have any questions at all regarding this, please feel free to call me any time

2 Exciting things have happened this month. Number 1 was another interest rate drop. We are now seeing interest rates in the 3% bracket with fixed year rates at an all-time low. It is a great time to lock in your investment interest rates to remain positive cashflow.

The second and even better thing to happen is that the banks are lowering their servicing rates for loan application. Why is this so special?

Well, prior to the drop, nearly all banks assessed your current debt and future debt at 7.25%. So if you had an interest rate of 4% for your home loan and applied for a loan to buy an investment property at 4.5%, the banks would assess all the debt at 7.25% and they would only allow you to borrow money that you could afford to pay back at 7.25%.

By dropping this rate to 5.5% (ANZ) this allows a person who had a borrowing capacity last month of $420,000 to know have a borrowing capacity of up to 20% more. This is making it easier for investors to get finance and creating demand for housing will put more investors and home buyers into the market.

Exciting. Below is the growth forecast just released by BIS Oxford Economics group. Great signs for Brisbane

Speaking of exciting times, we are halfway through our July promotion of all property contracts receiving a $10,000 luxury holiday on us. We are very proud to say we have contributed $100,000 dollars toward our client’s luxury holidays with 10 contracts signed for July. Clients are planning holidays to Disneyland (always popular), Africa, Canada, Round the World trips and the UK.

We still have 5 more opportunities to give you your very own $10,000 luxury holiday. If you are looking to get your first or next, positive cashflow property, now is the time

Interest rates are the lowest they have ever

Bank assessment rates have dropped

Properties that are positive cashflow from day 1 and…

A luxury $10,000 holiday of your choice.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, just give me a call on 0400 911-170. Always here to put our Clients First

Gary and Sherree Sparks

Client First Investments

0400 911 170

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